Kehlani's Suicide Attempt: When Words Hurt



As I reluctantly rolled out of bed this morning to go to work, I glanced at my phone to see "Yo, you know your girl tried to kill herself."

I responded back in a panic " Who?" (thinking it would be a college classmate or former friend). When she responded back,  what I got was something I never expected. 


I was surprised, shocked, and confused all at the same time. I have been in love with her since I heard her album " You Should Be Here". She is bold, brave, and honest with her lyrics.

So, I know you are wondering, "What Happened?"  

So here is the story...Yesterday, the internet went wild over a picture posted by Kehlani's ex-boyfriend, Party Next Door that insinuated that Kehlani was cheating on her "current" boyfriend, Kyrie Irving. 

Without a question people started calling her a monster, saying that she was a cheater and a liar. Ultimately,  the comments became too much and she deleted her Instagram account. Personally, I didn't care if she was faithful or not. I mean I don't know her situation so who am I to judge,  but the next morning I woke up to this... 

A beautiful, strong women was broken down by evil comments. Even worse than her attempted suicide were the unnecessarily cruel comments that continued after the world found she had attempted suicide. 


I am not sure at what point humans decided that words can't hurt us? When did suicide go from a cry for help to a way to garner publicity? It left me utterly disgusted to see the ignorance of people that could laugh at this woman who is hurting and needs support. 

To Kehlani and all the other girls in this world who feel the same way and those who have hit rock bottom with no where to turn. Love just like life is insane. There are ups and downs, but never apologize for following your heart and being the person you were born to be. Never let someone's words make you doubt the purpose God gave on your life. No one is perfect. We all make mistakes, but it's the way we overcome our struggles that make us the true conquerors. 

 remember... stay hopeful, always