Inspiration: U Can, And U Will

I know you look back, agony awakes.
A run wit no finish, a job wit no breaks. 
A land of grass, filled wit snakes.

I already know, it’s not a pleasant view.
It won’t break down, it’s hard to chew.
At some point, 
I was you.
You got the answers, I’m a clue.
You gotta heal, you gotta heal.
You’re the glue.

You can, and you will.
And when you are unsure,
be still.
And if it’s not in your heart,
it’s not real.

-Asheka Hudson

At the end of the day, remember you can and you will. Feeling Inspired? share the love with a friend.

Asheka Hudson is an African American, urban poet, mental health advocate, battling Bipolar Disorder. Asheka’s ability to write about the raw, uncomfortable truths of her life and illness, continuously captivates her readers. She uses her bold honesty, as a way to not only cope, but to assist others in doing so. When she is not writing, Asheka loves channeling her inner child, playing basketball, dancing, hanging with friends, enjoying the moments. Asheka currently resides in Milwaukee, WI.

You can follow her at her poetry site on Twitter or at her blog