Creating Your Sacred Space

The idea of sharing space is nothing new to me. I grew up in a medium size home with a family of five, but for some reason when I moved to Los Angeles, I felt my walls slowly caving in on me. My first job crammed me into an open space cubicle that  lacked even the tiniest bit of elbow room. At home, I was crammed into a small studio apartment that was barely equipped for one person, but housed two. Spending my whole life living with others you think I would be used to this, Right?

Totally Wrong.

After a few months of going through the motions , I felt the weight of those walls beginning to crush me. Everywhere I turned there were constant reminders that I had no space of my own. In those moments, I realized what I was missing--my sacred space.

As we grow into womanhood, have kids, get married, get new jobs, etc. we are going to find our lives become busier and our personal space become smaller.  It becomes more and more important that we have a space and time to ourselves.

Here are some tips to creating your own sacred space (or altar):

  1. This may sound simple, but the most important thing to do is make it your own. Many times we try to emulate what we think a sacred space should look like (ie candles, incense, buddha),  but your sacred space is not about what it is “supposed” to be. It is about what you need it to be. If burning incense gives you clarity, burn ‘em! If they give you a headache, girl let them go in exchange for a non scented candle.

  2. Your space needs to be a reflection of you and the elements that make you.  These elements keep you grounded and at peace with your surroundings and can be found right  outside your door. The four elements you should include are:

    1. Earth carries feminine energy and represents grounding. You can place flowers, crystal, or stones in your sacred space to represent earth.

    2. Water symbolizes intuition, healing, and reflection. You can literally put a bowl of water in your space or choose to add things that represent water like seashells.

    3. Air is life. Of course it is all around us, but try to have a symbol to represent this element. You can always use incense or feathers.

    4. Fire represents creative energy and strong will. You can represent fire by lighting a simple candle.

  3. Not everyone does or will view your space as sacred. When you begin to build your space, a cloth that represents strength and resilience to you may look like a simple blanket to someone else. Don’t be offended. Clearly, let people know how you value your space and not to disturb your scared peace.

  4. Sacred space and time align to create divine interactions. Your sacred space will have no meaning unless you spend time in it. Try to carve one day a week where you take some time alone to embrace yourself in your sacred space.

Your sacred space is your oasis. It is your get away. A place to let things go and discover self.

What are you going to include in your sacred space? Let us know below!

Tiffany is the Founder & Editor & Chief of Crown of Courage. To connect with her, click here