Queen, There is Power in Your Words

Have you ever had an experience where something you said came true, where it was almost as if you spoke that thing into existence? It's no coincidence, because there is power in our words. It is so important that we are careful as to what we say over ourselves and towards each other, because we can speak negativity or positivity into our lives. Therefore, it's no coincidence that some of the struggles that we face don’t change year after year, because our words haven't changed yet. But where do these negative thoughts originate from? I believe some of our damaging and negative thoughts are rooted in our childhoods. I realized that I had unconsciously adopted many harmful, damaging, and negative thoughts from mine, and I knew that I needed to change my thoughts by changing my words.

I had many incorrect internal beliefs and thoughts that I needed to change, because they were prohibiting me from going towards the next level in my life. Earlier this year I started writing and speaking positive self-affirmations over myself. I did this because there were many things that I needed to hear on a daily basis that I wasn’t. Some of these things included letting myself know that I am valuable, worthy of love, destined for greatness, have a bright future as entrepreneur, and on and on. Even though when I first began, I may not have truly felt the words I was saying or yet believed them in my heart, I was at the very least taking a step towards changing all of that. Eventually, over time I began to not only feel better mentally and spiritually but I began to believe what I was repeating to myself everyday. Not only did my self-affirmations change me on the inside, they also changed my lived reality. I urge you to take a moment and make a list of positive sentences and words that you want to speak over yourself everyday. Then, appoint a time and say your self-affirmation. If you are consistent in doing this, I guarantee that you will begin to transform your thoughts and your mind. For example, before you go to the gym, you decide if you want to go or stay in your comfortable bed. A powerful way to change that negative thought of missing out on the gym is to say out loud that you are going to the gym.  

Indeed, our thoughts are so powerful, and that is where the battle towards achieving our goals and dreams begins. If we are going to achieve our dreams and goals, we need to adopt a mindset that will help make them a reality. Try it; what do you have to lose?