Why you should love being a black woman.

Living in Los Angeles (close to Hollywood at that), I feel the love for black women fleeting more and more every day.  In a place where everyone has to be mixed with something, it is hard to feel appreciated.

 Like seriously, I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked

“Are you mixed?”

With a long sigh and a deep eye roll, I sarcastically answer,

“Yes, black and black and then some more black on top of that.”

After countless degrading conversations and comments, I found myself starting to sulk. I found myself starting to question the magic rather than embrace it. I saw myself as nothing.

Then one day.

I took a shower. I stepped out with my hair wrapped tight. Naked, in all my glory, I looked in the mirror. I saw the spirit Oshun. She gently touched me. In that instant, I saw my beauty.  All the lingering questions of why God made me a black woman blew away in the wind. In that moment, I saw a Queen.

If you ever in your life start to question the beauty, the grace, or the love that is a black woman. Remember...

You bend, but you never break. Years of our matriarchal ancestors bending down to the dirt to pick cotton has made our spirit strong. You may be tested. You may be pushed. But you will never break.

Your hair in every kink and curl carries the secrets of the galaxy. Some of those stories are dark, but they are some of the most beautiful stories that were never told. They are all hidden within you. 

Without black women there would be no black men. The blood you bleed is a constant reminder that creation begins and ends with you. You birth nations. You are the fountain of life.


You resilient black woman.

You are love.

You are light.

You are beauty. 

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