Life is starting to finally wind down. For me, summer is the perfect time to relax my mind by catching up on some of my favorite shows. While binging on the latest season of Empire, I  stumbled across a clever little web series about therapy. Taking a comedic twist on couples therapy, “Where The Love?’ explores the challenges of relationships, womanhood, and career.

As eye opening as it is addictive, Where’s The Love?, follows D. D. and her husband Justin, (played by Justin Anthony Kennedy) while they tackle some serious relationship issues in their weekly therapy sessions. Justin, though not always present, plays a big part in the reason for the therapy as he is the most unhappy about their sex life. He is a musician who has yet to be blinded by the lime light, but is on the come up. The weekly sessions are facilitated by Dr. Dave (played by David T Koenig)  who is completely clueless on just about everything, but mainly  African American culture. Like a wide eyed child, he leads the sessions clueless about the world and distracted by every person who walks in.

But the show really revolves around D. D. ( played by Tia Dionne Hodge) who is a hard working black actress that has spent years building her career and supporting her husband.  As the series progresses, It is obvious she has some issues that need to be resolved. You will see some recurring patterns with the relationship between D. D. and all the other characters,  including her mother (played by Phynjuar) who is overly lavish and even more condescending.  But let me tell you, that is not it! It gets deeper and deeper with each show.

Slight Spoiler Alert:  Sometime during the season, D. D. divulges a pretty nasty secret that will have you like...

That was a quick summary of the show, but let me tell you what I really love about this series! We are all looking for a show that is socially conscious, but fun to watch. The cast of Where’s The Love?  tackles some tough issues while finding some way to make it fun for the viewer. Within the witty, clueless remarks of Dr. Dave you can see some common issues with women of color who are on navigating their mental health journey; beginning in Episode 1 with the downfalls of having to find a doctor in your insurance network >_<!

The real question is “Where is the Love?” for women of color on a daily basis. You will see that throughout the series D.D. is misunderstood and often overlooked which is a commonality for our people. 

I scored an interview with creator of “Where’s The Love?”, Tia Donne Hodges, so check back next week where we will really learn, “Where’s the Love?’, but in the meantime here is what I want you to do!

  1. Check out the promo video below.
  2. View the whole series here (trust me, it won't be hard. The series is really addictive)
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Trust me, this alone will improve your summer binge sessions, so bring on the popcorn and comfy PJ’s!


Until next time, stay hopeful Blaque & Blue fam!