This little light of mine.

My emotions can drastically change especially when I am going through a depressive episode. I am happy one moment and just want to cry the next. For me. it is so important to have a quick way to stay uplifted and inspired throughout the day.  

One thing that has really helped me get through my daily battle with my emotions is

The Little Book of Light.

I found this book via singing sensation Melanie Fiona. She would sporadically post short but powerful snippets that would help me relieve the stress and anxiety of the day and remain focused. I was floored by how amazing I felt after just reading one of the passages.  Number 84 is my favorite. It is a small reminder that my set backs are set ups and my darkest days will be transformed into something beautiful.

How I use The Little Book of Light in my life today:

There are many ways you can use the book to your emotional advantage, but today I use it whenever I can to rejuvenate my day and reverse my negative emotions.  Any time I feel down or depressed, I close my eyes and turn to a random page. I read the message, meditate on the meaning and I can feel a significant change in my demeanor. 

To purchase the book and stay inspired, click here!

Remember: Stay Hopeful, Always